height, weight, age do not play any role

a basic element of choice is professionalism


Times have changed. As beautiful as you are, do not expect to close jobs if you are not a professional. That's why you need the right education.

Modeling is a profession that will not be saturation. Because, new faces are always needed and sought. Still photography, the 'picture' will be the one that pulls or repels the consumer, imposing and selling.

It is no accident since 1922 until today we are enslaved

We are worldwide at the forefront of modeling and we are building a rich future in the fantastic world of fashion and cinema. We are transforming simple girls and boys into famous mannequins. It is no coincidence that the list of our graduates adorns all the top names of this industry such as:
Joan Crawford - Sindy Dash - Doris Braun - Lilia Wilson - Pamela Daniel - Suzy Parker - Candice Bergen - Carol Linney - Cybil Sheppard - Brinkley- Heather Locklear- Nicky Taylor- Marike Soug ...
He also met that Modeling's career does not stop in 4-5 years as many think. Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista ... and others have been at the forefront for 21 years. This can not be denied.

If your dream is this career, there is no other place in the world that prepares you and promotes you better. Glide Walk, our trademark, has been established as the ultimate gauntlet for a professional model.

For over 30 years, Powers has greatly promoted Plus Size in all its spectrum. For more than 13 years, the MAAI has shown it in its competitions. For a few years we have seen them in the catwalk competitions at IMMA, and now they are also looking for the designers of high sewing. Designer RALPH LAUREN has signed a contract with Australian model Robyn Lawley, which is part of the Plus Size Model and we see it in magazines such as French Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire & Cosmopolitan.

It is no coincidence that our professionals (models - and show biz people) are always at the forefront. It is no accident that Powers pioneers.

The main categories of Modeling

Modeling is divided into several categories. Here are the main ones. There is space for everyone as long as you are a professional. Come to the academy and with the appropriate training you can succeed. The first appointment is completely free. Close one now.

Runway (Fashion) Model

Catwalk models or fashion models are the models you see in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle etc and work for leading fashion designers Giorgio Armani, Prada, Gucci, Valentino and others. It is the most prominent category.

Commercial Model

Commercial Commercial Models. Here we have no restrictions It can be any age, any size and any height. In this category the models are usually involved in product advertisements (household articles, food products, travel industry, TV technology or various forms).

Plus Size Model

The purchase of plus size models has become an important part of the fashion and advertising industry. Several of the top fashion agencies now have plus size models in their books and we have seen several plus supermodels in recent years.

Patron Models

Fashion designers always choose the model on which to design their patterns. These models must have accurate measurements so they can match the clothes of a fashion designer. Most of the time, designers hire models to match the clothes they have made for their collections.

Child Model

The age scale for a child model is generally 12 years and below and can be of any size and height. Agents representing children models are looking for children with a very strong personality who are able to work as professionals with professionals.

Parts Model

Section models specialize in modeling body parts, such as hands, feet and eyes. For example, a hand model can book jewelry or hand care products. Agents are looking for well-proportioned parts of the body Small models often find work as fittings because of smaller shoe sizes and body parts.

Promotional Model

Promotional models often find jobs to promote products or services at trade fairs, shows and live events. Promotional models must be open and strong personality. Be friendly and have a good understanding of the customer's product as they usually need to talk about the product or answer questions from potential buyers.

Mature Model

The market for mature models has grown tremendously. The need to advertise and promote products that appeal to the age of 40+, such as cosmetics, has really "taken off" this category of modeling. If you think that because you passed your years you do not model for letting you know that you are wrong. Mature models are generally 40 years and older and work like all commercial models.

Our training is essential for everyone. He has no age limit because we all want knowledge for good. Invest yourself and become the next star. With us you can make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate, contact now.

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