Modeling Association of America International

The MAAI is the first creditworthy and unique international non-profit organization. He started in New York in 1960, where he recognizes, promotes and promotes people for a career in modelling, singing, dancing, theater, cinema and television. It creates, then, the new stars of the spectacle.

MAAI has been active in this area for over half a century. The first and most trustworthy organization that started in New York in 1960 and as a pioneer in this industry has been moved to Miami, Florida, for as long as it grows, the career of modeling is now developing.

He is world-renowned for his high goals, professionalism, ethics and great contribution to the entertainment industry.

The organization organizes a conference each year to help people like you who have the talent to make your debut. There you can get a taste of healthy competition, learn how to protect yourself from the censors of the area, see the most "experts" from all over the world and talk with you giving you valuable information about your career or even to undertake this promotion.

Throughout the year, many people who are familiar with this space and with the right connections work together to contribute to the best result of this conference and to give new talents perspectives and development.

It is made up of a board of 13 people from all over the world and they are all recognized and respected people in the international show biz and modeling field.

They are governed by honesty and professionalism.
Because of the very high standards, MAAI has the ability to bring annually the best judges, agents, photographers, record producers and filmmakers.


By choosing and WINING a scholarship you never know who can lead you.

Still another privilege when one attends and competes in MAA I.

Every year, many contestants receive scholarships from the best American schools to develop their career. Others for Film, others for acting, others for artistic Camp and others for modeling. Most of them for New York or Los Angeles, and others for studies of your own choice.

This opens up a road faster to reach its destination, its goals.

Here we see last year's winners for Free Studies at New York Film & Television.

For Mrs Anastasiadou, there were no excitement exams, tutorials, stress, even though it would pass to a Greek university! The MAAI, with the scholarship, gave our 17-year-old student the chance to attend a US university! You can see the evolution of her career with a simple internet search by writing Grace Anastasiadis

Top Agencies

We also mention the top agencies working with the MAAI:


Ford Models & Ford Plus, N.Y.
Visage, Osaka  
Entertainment Group,N.Y.
Yusiko Scouting,Paris
Viviens Model Mng ,Sydney
Fleming Model, Barcelona
Visage, Japan
Nathalie Model, Paris
World Top,Tokyo  
Munich Models, Germany
New York Talent, N.Y.  
BroadBelt & Fonte, Toronto
Ice, Milan
Bravo Models, Tokyo
Click , N.Y.
Tatiana Casali, Milan
Good Fellas, London
Modle, Brazil
DeBoekens, Amsterdam
Yoshie Inc.,Tokyo
Cinematic Management,  LA
Absolu, Paris
Team , Japan
Icon, Paris
Elite Model Mang., N.Y.
Flash, Milan
Christian Jacques, Milan
Future, Milan
Βradley Barron Casting, N.Y
HWA Talent, N.Y.
One Way, Rome
Okay Models, Germany
Steff Models Mgmt., Belgium
Mega Models, Germany
Paolo Tomei Models, Milan
Pauline’s Model Mang., N.Y.
Louisa Models, Germany
Frank Otten, Germany
2Morrow Models, Milan
A Plus, N.Y
Steff Model Mgmt, Belgium
NBC Daytime Casting, N.Y.
Stella Modes, Vienna
Scouting International, N.Y.
Wolf Models, Hamburg
Idol, Paris
Wilhelmina Creating Mng., N.Y.
Wilhellmina Kids, N.Y.
Models Team, Germany
Cohen/Thomas, Los Angeles
Discover Talent, Los Angeles
Agency Press, Los Angeles
Wassolass Digman Casting, LA
Shirley Grant, N.J. & LA
City Kids, N.Y.
Schuller Talent, N.Y.
School for Film & Television, N.Y
Broad way Casting, N.Y.
Young Talent, N.Y.
Think Tank, N.Y.
AMP Models, N.Y.
Avenue 1, N.Y.
Deco Models, Maiami
Arthur Arthur, Maiami


MAAI Competition Sections

Television - Kids Quize – Creative Run Way – Jeans – Legs – Monologue

Soap Star – Cold Reading- Swim Suit – Musical – Voice Over – Advertisement

Make Up – Theater – Musical – Singing – Dancing – T.V. Commercial – Group

Runway – Talent Performance – Sit Com Competition – Theatrical Head Shots

Commercial Print – Miss Hemisphere “kids – teens – adults

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