European Model Showcase

E.M.S. an American organization demanded by European fashion designers to attend them. Fit them with models that have professionalism and will be able to work with them and become models of the first line.
If this is your dream, come see if you can go there. And where do you know! You may become the next person on the pages of the magazines, which will walk in all the world's catwalks.

If you are already a professional then this place is for you. Join us with a view to closing European or International Labor Agreements.

Make your shipwreck from Europe, from the city of light !!!

E.M.S is addressed to all young people who view the profession of modeling as a career. It is aimed at professional models. If this is your job, let's see if we can take you with us in order to close European or International Labor Agreements.
If your desire is to become a renowned model, without concessions, but only with your value, come to see if we can contribute to your dream, to your goal.
We have the knowledge to prepare you if you adhere to the specifications and conditions that EMS requires.

Each year, in the spring, you are given the opportunity to launch your career. See Paris, chat with other people in your area, see all top fashion designers. Chat with them and close jobs.
You may become the next person on the covers of the magazines or he / she who will walk in almost all the catwalks of the world.


Top Agencies

We've mentioned you from the top agencies that work with E.M.S.

you can be next!

The next contest of E.M.S. is in May 2018 in Paris With the right preparation by us you can become the next winner. Make an appointment Nowadays, we remind you that the first appointment with, Mis. Moulas Academy' CEO, is free.

Our training is essential for everyone. He has no age limit because we all want knowledge for good. Invest yourself and become the next star. With us you can make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate, contact now.

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