International career - Invest in yourself and be a super star


You got talent!! Want to find and compete in New York, Hollywood, Miami, Paris !!!! You want to present your talent to more than three hundred (300) agents, cast directors etc, the best in the world, with the prospect of:

* the rise of your career

* to start or to make new career spaces for modeling and show biz,

* to close world jobs or even

* get scholarships !!

It is not a dream is a reality. We DO MORE.

Let's look at your capabilities and inform you, with honesty and honesty, which of the three (3) organizations you are eligible to attend, which of the 18 contests you can take part in, distinguish yourself, excellence. Speak and make important or unbelievable acquaintances, see or find out how the entire international industry of the spectacle works, to experience an exciting journey of experience.


Modeling Association of America International

MAAI the first solvent and unique international non-profit organization that was founded in 1960 and recently moved its headquarters to Miami. Through his competitions, he recognizes, promotes and promotes people for a career in modding, singing, dancing, theater, cinema and television. It creates, then, the new stars of the spectacle.


International Model & Talent Association

Ι.Μ.Τ.Α. the organization that over two decades, with its two congresses in New York and Los Angeles, promotes and highlights talented people.

NEW YORK, city of excellence in SHOW BIZ and MODELING. When you succeed here, you succeed everywhere! Come to meet the right people. Come and see the prospects that open in front of you.


European Model Showcase

E.M.S. an American organization demanded by European fashion designers to attend them. Fit them with models that have professionalism and will be able to work with them and become models of the first line. If this is your dream, come see if you can attend there.

We can and we want to change your life. The future is in your hands.

If you are already a professional in the arts (theater, dance, singing), come for an audition, see the prospects that open in front of you.

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Our training is essential for everyone. He has no age limit because we all want knowledge for good. Invest yourself and become the next star. With us you can make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate, contact now.

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