Interested in an International Valuation !! Then you only have to make an appointment for an audition.

Acting/TV Commercial

Be prepared to present a monologue no more than 1 1/2 minute.
It can be in Greek or in English with decent text.


For the song to have the music, if you do not want to sing A hats


For the dance to have the music and proper dress


Some simple photos (not professional) unless they already exist
(age and weight do not play a role)

Come and see if we can take you with us to compete in New York, Hollywood, Miami, Paris.
He has a short CV with a photo with you.
At our meeting we estimated you to have at your disposal about 2 hours. We will speak to you honestly. If we can take you with us the same year or not. If not, we will tell you why and we will give you the guidelines so you can come next year.

If you still have no chance of being able to compete in the contests there, even in the future, we will say.
It is no accident that Liby Powers is the ONLY representative of Europe for the established US conferences. and has one of the highest success rates.
If you are under 18 you need to go to the audition with your guardian.

If this is your dream it's never too late. We remind you that the first appointment directly with the responsible academy is completely FREE.

Communicate now and where do you know? you can be next.

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Our training is essential for everyone. He has no age limit because we all want knowledge for good. Invest yourself and become the next star. With us you can make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate, contact now.

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