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get the edge that will pay dividends for life!

height, weight, age do not play any role

a basic element of choice is professionalism

Most people in listening to the word "modeling" come to their mind supermodel images such as Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks. But this is a small piece of modeling called 'Fashion Modeling'. It is certainly the most spectacular and featured piece. But there are many categories of modeling.

The model is the person who increases or decreases sales. It is the primary factor in increasing or decreasing them. That's why businessmen look and ask to find the professional. Make an appointment now to our academy absolutely free. With our tremendous experience, we will direct you to the right class so you can find a job immediately and reward yourself with what you deserve.

Powers is the Academy that invented and established Modeling, in 1922, as the most expensive and profitable profession based on the Self Improvement knowledge that was and is demanded by everyone. Employers, agents, cast directors, and others. That's why, since then, no one can compete. Worldwide we are the only ones who have this knowledge.

With the knowledge that we provide you, we open a way to become sought after everywhere.



As a branch of the United States, we are well prepared for an international career or we promote the existing through international organizations (MAAI, EMS, IMTA), which are the only representatives in Europe.

Now, with us you can compete in New York, Miami, Paris, Hollywood. Win global seats, get scholarships, call work contracts or even get up to Hollywood (already happened to one of our students).

You can also take part in World Casting, with the prospect of calling work contracts.

Visual Poise

your image is your way to success

Learn to walk properly if you want to excel and have an overwhelming image.

The right gesture sends messages of confidence, self-confidence, prestige, imposing and cooperative personalityας.

he way you walk, you stand, betrays your psychological mood, sends the corresponding message to others, and thus you get the same behaviors. Wrong walking reduces your personality ...

The right and beautiful gait is learned and a proper Atomic Improvement program must be able to correct the impoverished attitude of your body - your striding.

If you want to excel and have an overwhelming image, learn to walk well.

Self improvement

train yourself beauty and success

75% of your successes are based on the image you are broadcasting

Dignity, courtesy, wisdom, worship, as well as their opposites, are revealed by man's appearance, his strides and every move!
Sokrates, Philosopher 400 Π.Χ.

Today in the modern lifestyle your choice is in 1 (one) second!
Just take a look to form the other viewpoint for you. All your imagery, look, expression, body setting, walking, etc, speaks very blatantly to you. Developing and improving your image is the subject of Liby Powers' Self Improvement training programs.
In these programs, you learn to gain more self-confidence, professionalism and faith in yourself. You become popular, you get good health, you train your old age, you have succeeded everywhere. You have the prime position to find a job.
Today, if you do not radiate with confidence and confidence, if your gaze is not alive and strong, but unobtrusive and your body convex rather than right, if you do not have employability genetic skills, dreams, money, trouble, fatigue and the time you spent on all your degrees is gone.
With our Academy's Self Improvement Program, we give you the know-how and offer you what you need to succeed in life.

We can and we want to change your life. The future is in your hands.

If you are already a professional in the arts (theater, dance, singing), come for an audition, see the prospects that open in front of you.

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Increased your chances of finding your dream's job

With the right education and guidance, you greatly increase your chances of getting a job.

From the simple "Professional Interview" lesson, how to give a job interview right to your participation in the biggest international competitions, we have the solutions for your professional rehabilitation. Your success depends on you.

Our Academy

Our training is essential for everyone. He has no age limit because we all want knowledge about living. Since our creation in 1922, we do not advertise, because advertising is our graduates themselves, their results before and after. This is what everyone says (writers, screenwriters, graduates)
The Degrees we provide are:
• Certificate Powers. It is given to people who have attended the Integrated Self Improvement (Image Improvement)
• M.A.I.I. Certified by many Hall of Fame. It is given to people who participated in show biz and modeling competitions, or attended seminars at conferences in New York, Florida or Los Angeles.
• First Diploma. It is given to people who have done such an improvement in the course of their studies, which are worth mentioning (named after) Power's Graduate.
Depending on your professional studies you also get the corresponding diploma:
Bronze Deploma. For the organization of showrooms and Fashion Show.
Silver Diploma. For the field of televising.
Gold Diploma. For the modeling space.

Our training is essential for everyone. He has no age limit because we all want knowledge for good. Invest yourself and become the next star. With us you can make your dreams come true. Do not hesitate, contact now.

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